When spending time in the Banderas Bay area, we are always amazed by the delicious seafood ...

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Yelapa, Mexico is a small village south of Puerto Vallarta. Accessible only by boat, it has one of the most beautiful swimming beaches in the bay. Read More

Everyone knows that pastries are popular in Mexico; who hasn't gone to a panaderia and selected a sweet, pillowy confection filled with cream and covered with sugar? Read More
like most simple food preparations, all of the ingredients need to be at their peak of freshness and flavor if you want to transform the simple into the sublime. Read More
Fall is apple season, and we love to drink freshly pressed apple cider as soon as we can get our hands on it. Read More

It is no coincidence that our first destination in the #wherewillfourneaugo series was Granor Farm in Three Oaks, Michigan. Granor is a beautiful organic farm and educational center in Southwest Michigan ...


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The international support that we received really got us thinking about how much we would love to visit all of the places that the Fourneau would soon call home ...

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