How will my order ship?

We generate shipping through our online store. As soon as the order is packed we generate a shipping label. In most cases, the package is handed over to the carrier on the same day or the day after the label is created.

When you check out you are able to choose from an assortment of shipping rates and services. Small, light items are often most economical to ship via USPS. Our cast iron products ship via UPS.

In general, UPS shipments will enter the distribution system immediately after the carrier has the package. Currently, USPS shipments are taking 1-3 days to enter the distribution system after the package is delivered to the carrier.

How does international shipping work?

We ship worldwide. The shipping rates we charge are calculated by the carrier. They do not include import taxes, duties, or customs brokerage fees.

International orders will incur additional import fees which will vary depending on the destination. Expect to receive a bill from the carrier at the time of delivery for the collection of import duties, customs brokerage fees, and sales or value added taxes.

International shipping is very expensive and right now it is common to experience big delays. The shipping services that we offer have been chosen on the basis of reliability and consistent performance. We take advantage of discounted rates and are always looking for improved shipping solutions for our international customers.

Where can I find bread recipes?

The Fourneau ovens were designed to bake "hearth breads". The Fourneau 2.0 bread oven is used for free-form loaves, not baked in a pan. You can use any of your favorite bread recipes with Fourneau Grande, which is large enough to accommodate small bread pans as well as free-form loaves.

Fourneau ovens excel at baking both no-knead and sourdough breads. For recipe ideas, check out the recipes on our blog. You can download the Fourneau 2.0 instruction guide and recipe book here.


How do I maintain oil seasoning?

Fourneau ovens and cookware utilize oil-seasoning as a protective coating. The coating requires care but offers superior longevity because it can be renewed and repaired. With care it actually becomes better with time. See this blog article for instructions.

Note, if you backed the Fourneau Grande kickstarter you most likely have a cloche with black-enamel finish. If the enamel gets damaged, oil seasoning can be applied to restore a protective coating to the underlying iron.

Bread baking bottom burn?

Some home ovens provide perfectly even heat but most are a little hot on the top or on the bottom. The latter can result in over-cooked bottoms on your loaves. There are a couple of things that can be done to address those burnt bottoms.

1) If you are baking with an original Fourneau, consider buying a Fourneau 2.0 tray and handle. Baking on top of the aluminum tray and its silicone mesh mat will offer some insulation from an overly hot bottom.

2) Place a baking steel or baking stone on a rack below your Fourneau to create a heat shield between the bottom heat source and the cloche. You'll want a stone or steel that allows room for air to circulate between it and the walls of your home oven.

3) Bake on a stone rather than the Fourneau cast iron base; Cast iron can be more efficient at conveying the heat generated by your oven than cordierite and other baking stone materials. A stone base should result in a slightly slower heat transfer to the bottom of your loaf.


When will you have stock?

Fourneau 2.0 oven, trays, and mats: Mats have arrived and are available. We expect to have more trays in stock in early May. Fourneau 2.0 ovens are available for pre-order now. We are awaiting a shipment of small cast iron parts and expect pre-orders to ship before the end of May.

Fourneau Grande, trays, and mats: After experiencing major supply chain setbacks, we expect more Grande ovens in October. We will have more trays and mats available by the middle of May.

Grande "Seconds": We will be offering a limited number of Fourneau Grande "seconds" for sale at a discount in May. Subscribe to our email list here if you are not already subscribed to receive an email announcement prior to the sale.