What is the Fourneau Made of?

The Fourneau 2.0 is made of pre-seasoned cast iron. The iron castings are poured, machined, and finished in Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.

The baking tray that accompanies the Fourneau 2.0 is made from formed aluminum sheet fastened with copper rivets. The baking mat is made from food grade silicone. The tray and mat are produced and assembled in China.

The Fourneau peel (originally available with the Fourneau Classic and now available as an accessory) is made of solid maple with a food-safe mineral oil finish. It is made entirely in the Great Lakes region of the USA.

The Fourneau Grande has a cloche and hatch that are made from cast iron. The Grande is finished either with black enamel or oil seasoning. The cloche sits atop a cordierite baking stone base and the hatch is finished with an aluminum handle.


What should I know about shipping outside of the United States?


We ship worldwide. International orders will incur additional import fees that vary depending on the destination. Expect to receive a bill from the shipping company to collect import duties, customs brokerage fees, and sales or value added taxes.

International shipping is very expensive. The shipping services that we offer have been chosen on the basis of reliability and consistent performance. We take advantage of discounted rates and are always looking for improved shipping solutions for our international customers.

What kind of bread can I bake?

The Fourneau was designed to bake "hearth breads" (free form loaves not baked in a pan). You can use any of your favorite bread recipes with Fourneau as long as it is a dough that can "stand on its own" (i.e., no "batter" breads) for recipe ideas, check out the recipes on our blog. You can download the Fourneau 2.0 instruction guide and recipe book here.


How large a loaf can I bake?

You'll have success making loaves that have up to 500 grams of flour in them. Since recipes vary quite a bit in the amount of water added, this will yield a finished loaf that weights approximately 800 - 900 grams. 

Which banneton is best for Fourneau?

We recommend using an 8" or 9" oval banneton with loaves baked in the Fourneau. The Fourneau 2.0 tray is a perfect companion to the banneton and makes dough manipulation really straight forward.

Fourneau 2.0 Available for Order

A new batch of USA-made Fourneau 2.0 ovens is now available for order.

Shipping on Fourneau 2.0 will begin February 1, 2021.

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