Episode 5

Spend a little time in the shop with Ted as he falls down a prototyping rabbit hole. What do you say, does this pan need a lid?

Episode 4

Larry makes wooden pizza and bread peels in Wisconsin ... and he's a master of the craft. We swing by Larry's shop to pick up an order of Fourneau bread peels and get a tour of his dialed in operation. Can you use a peel as a cheese board? Of course you can, especially if it was made with love in the fine state of Wisconsin.

Episode 3

Learn from the best! @kt.burdett on garden-to-table eating. Explore the why and how of growing food at home. Plus, we hack a quick fix for a pesky garden problem.

Episode 2

Let's explore the science of bread in the city of Milwaukee with a tour of Gene Webb's North Shore Boulangerie.

Episode 1

Join us on our inaugural journey! Ted and Rachel travel to Rochester, Indiana to deliver prototypes to manufacturing partners Modern Materials. Ted laments the ups and downs of crowdfunding.