Where Will Fourneau Go?

November 22, 2015

One of the most amazing and eye opening things about our Kickstarter experience was the reaction we received from international backers. Just the fact that we had any response was a huge surprise — when we launched the campaign, we didn't even have international shipping as an option! We never anticipated that people from Italy, Malaysia, Denmark, Australia, France and Israel would find our campaign, much less want to own a Fourneau. We politely turned away the first international backers, but when dozens of people from all over the world started to request that we open up the campaign, we were delighted to do so.

The international support that we received really got us thinking about how much we would love to visit all of the places that the Fourneau would soon call home. We would absolutely love to know how our backers in Singapore and Sweden are going to use Fourneau, what kinds of bread they will make, and what kinds of local ingredients will be a part of their recipes.

To explore some of these ideas about bread and food, culture and place, we're launching Where Will Fourneau Go? ( #wherewillfourneaugo ) An investigation into the world of bread. We'll be traveling to different locations around the country and around the world to discover how people make bread, what they eat it with, and how and where they like to enjoy it. We hope you'll follow along here on the bread blog, as well as on instagram @fourneauoven.


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