The Fourneau Grande

Bakery Quality Bread from Your Home Oven

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Heat and Steam are the essential elements needed to make an airy crumb and a shiny, crisp crust. The Fourneau Grande creates the perfect baking environment through the use of materials, precise fitting parts, and an easy to use design. If you want the ultimate baking tool, look no further.


Bake in an Envelope of Steam

Like a commercial bread oven, the Fourneau Grande blasts your bread with steam for the best oven spring and crust formation. The shock-proof base of the Fourneau Grande allows you to add water to the baking chamber for amazing results.


The Bread Peel Updated

From flipping dough out of the forming basket to getting it into the oven, the Fourneau bread oven tray system represents a leap forward in control and convenience. The Fourneau tray makes it easy to handle dough delicately and reduces the need to manipulate hot parts.



Front Loading Ease and Efficiency

The Fourneau Grande stays in the oven through the entire baking session. That means less handling of hot gear. It also means that you can cycle loaves through the oven faster with two stage baking: spring each loaf in the Grande and finish them in the open oven; while one loaf is finishing the Grande is ready to start another!



Our Largest Baking Cloche 

The Fourneau Grande will fit everything from big 1kg batards to demi-baguettes. The stone base can be flipped over for use as a flat pizza stone.