"... essential gear for any home baker who's serious about baking a better crust."

— Kenji Lopez-Alt, Serious Eats

"I love my new oven and can’t thank you enough for inventing and manufacturing such an amazing addition to my kitchen. I have been baking bread since I was in my early 20’s and always prided myself as being an accomplished baker...until now. There was a definite learning curve to fine tune the timing but so worth the effort. The bread that your oven turns out has the most wonderful flavor and crust of any home-baked bread I have ever tasted. I feel you have really raised the bar in home bread baking."
— Charlotte

“I made my first bread with the Fourneau and it was great. My neighbor, an accomplished home bread baker, said it was the best homemade rye he ever had. Here’s to many more exceptional loaves.”
— Athene

“On my first attempt ever, Strand has officially turned me into a bread geek with the Fourneau Oven. Unbelievably amazing Thanksgiving bread will be served at our table today. If you're any sort of a bread or food lover … I highly suggest you order one now.”
— Peter

"What a cool product you guys have developed. I have baked in a dutch oven for years and this is so much more functional. I love that I can slide my loaves into the oven with the peel. Fantastic Fourneau!! :)"

"I just want to say that the Fourneau is amazing! All the bread I have made in it is phenomenal, and everyone is amazed at how good the crust turns out!"
— Paul

"You guys rock ...I've used Fourneau three times now to make sourdough cinnamon swirl loaves and they were heavenly.”
— Aaron