How it works

How Does Fourneau Work?

Baking great bread requires even, high heat. 

The Fourneau's cast iron body absorbs, stores, and radiates heat evenly. While temperatures in most home ovens vary from one spot to the other, the Fourneau's iron walls moderate those differences and radiate heat evenly into the baking chamber. The heat-retaining quality of the iron helps the Fourneau to recover to full baking-temperature more quickly after the oven is opened during baking.

Baking great bread requires steam. 

As dough is heated, all of the gasses that have developed during fermentation expand and create a delicious, tender, holey crumb. However, if the outside of the dough dries too much and too early, the degree to which the dough can expand is limited and oven spring suffers. The Fourneau's machined enclosure closes tightly to trap the steam that escapes from the baking dough, creating just the right environment for great oven spring. And you can easily add more water to the Fourneau baking chamber while cooking.

Fourneau is easy to use. 

Unlike other bakeware, the Fourneau opens on the front. That means that your hot bakeware can stay in the oven while you are baking; you don't need to lift hot and heavy pots or cloches to get at your bread. We designed Fourneau to minimize the handling of hot parts as much as possible.

Whether you are a practiced home baker or just starting to dip your hands in the flour, here’s why you’ll love Fourneau ...

It’s Simple.

Place The Fourneau in your oven to preheat. When your oven gets up to temperature, you just put your dough on the Plateau baking tray and slide it into The Fourneau.

It’s Effective.

The cast iron walls heat the dough evenly, and the enclosed cooking space traps the steam from the baking bread — the magic ingredient for creating a golden, crispy crust and getting amazing oven spring.

It’s Easier.

Since it’s designed to work with the baking tray, you simply slide your loaf into the front of the oven. There is no need to touch or lift anything hot or heavy.

It’s Safer.

There’s no need to remove it from your oven. Just open and close the hatch using the removable handle to capture or release the baking steam.

It’s Versatile.

It accommodates multiple loaf shapes and sizes, giving you the freedom to bake rolls, baguettes, boules or even pizzas, fougasse, or focaccia. Fourneau works in gas ovens, electric ovens, and even gas grills.

It’s Durable.

The Fourneau is made in the USA from oil-seasoned cast-iron. With care and use, it will just keep getting better over time.

Fourneau Fits.

The Fourneau fits a wide variety of home ovens, from 18" wide models on up. If your oven produces uneven or even difficult to control heat, the Fourneau will help in producing more consistent results.