Fourneau 2.0 upgrade kit



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The Fourneau 2.0 upgrade kit allows owners of the Fourneau Classic to upgrade their oven to the Fourneau 2.0. 

The new hatch and bread peel system will work with your existing Fourneau dome and base.

The Fourneau 2.0 upgrade kit consists of the following parts —

- USA-made Fourneau 2.0 cast iron hatch
- USA-made Fourneau handle (which works with both the hatch and the baking tray)
- Fourneau baking tray
- Silicone baking mat

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Fourneau 2.0 Available for Order

A new batch of USA-made Fourneau 2.0 ovens is now available for order.

Shipping on Fourneau 2.0 will begin February 1, 2021.

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