Unboxing & Setting Up The Fourneau Grande

Unboxing & Setting Up The Fourneau Grande

Congratulations on your new Fourneau Grande bread oven! Get ready to bake the best bread of your life.

In the video below, Ted shows us what's included in the box, along with the correct way to set up the bread oven for baking. 

In the box:

  • One oil-seasoned cast iron cloche and iron closure hatch
  • One thermal shock resistant cordierite baking stone
  • One aluminum baking tray, silicone baking mat, and removable tray handle 

Your Fourneau Grande is packed in recyclable cardboard and molded paper pulp. Before baking, give each part a light cleansing with warm water to wash away any packing debris. Always thoroughly dry parts after cleaning.

Oven Rack Setup
Adjust the racks in your oven to accommodate the height of the Fourneau Grande cloche. Oven rack position impacts performance: too much heat on top can adversely affect oven spring; too much heat on the bottom can result in charred bottom crust. You may need to adjust the rack position in your oven to find the best balance of top and bottom heat.

Grande Setup
First place the baking stone on the oven rack, with the recessed channels facing up. The stone can be placed in the center of the rack or it can be placed to the side to provide room on the same rack for the Fourneau tray. Next, place the iron cloche onto the stone, nesting its base into the outer channel. Finally, securely place the hatch onto the front opening of the cloche.

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