Recipe: Whole Wheat, Pecan + Teff Bread

Recipe: Whole Wheat, Pecan + Teff Bread

Whole Wheat, Pecan + Teff Bread

This is one of my absolute favorite bread recipes. There is something about pecans that amplifies the sweet and nutty flavors in whole wheat ... it's just incredible. The addition of whole grain teff is also really special. In the finished loaf, it lends a subtle color and visual texture that is quite beautiful. I hope you'll enjoy it! This is the recipe that I used in our video "Baking Bread In The Fourneau," if you want to see more, be sure to check it out!

2 cups unbleached organic white bread flour
1 cup organic whole wheat flour
1 tbsp whole grain teff
1/2 cup chopped pecans
2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp yeast (you can of course substitute starter, just adjust accordingly)
13 oz water

Ferment Time:
20 hours

No Knead Method

If you want to learn more about the method, watch this and read this or read this.

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