The 2.0 vs the Grande

The 2.0 vs the Grande

“How do I choose between the 2.0 bread oven and the Grande bread oven?”

In this post we’ll walk you through the three main differences between our two bread ovens. We’ve made incredible bread in both of these ovens, and your main deciding factor will really be about the kind and size of bread you want to make. 

#1: Size. As you can see in the above photo, the 2.0 bread oven on the left is smaller than the Grande bread oven on the right. The 2.0 is perfect for making demi baguettes, or a smaller 500 gram loaf. The Grande will accommodate anything from demi baguettes up to a larger 1000 gram loaf. 

#2: The base. The Grande bread oven has a cordierite stone base with a built-in trough, made as a dedicated space to pour water while baking to produce maximum steam. Ordering an extra base to have alongside your Grande will allow you to bake two loaves of bread at once. The cordierite base can also be flipped over and used as a pizza stone. 

The 2.0 base is made from cast iron and does not have a dedicated space to pour water. Every home oven is different, most importantly, some tend to radiate more heat from the bottom than others. Some Fourneau bakers have found that the iron base of the 2.0 produces better results in ovens that radiate less heat from the bottom burner or heat element. At the same time, some bakers with ovens that radiate a lot of heat from the bottom have found that the cordierite base of the Grande somewhat moderates the bottom heat and produces a better bottom cook. Cordierite tends to radiate heat a little more slowly and less intensely than iron. Extra steam (beyond that which naturally comes from the dough you load into the baking chamber) can be generated in the 2.0 oven either by spraying water into the 2.0 before closing the hatch or by placing a couple of ice cubes on the tray when you load in the dough.

#3: The hatch. The Grande hatch has a grab handle, while the 2.0 can be lifted out with the included removable tray handle. Super handy when that hatch is hot!

Both the 2.0 bread oven and the Grande bread oven use the Fourneau silicone tray system for easy transferring of loaves in and out of the oven. They’ll both make delicious bread and will last a lifetime in your kitchen. 


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  • I have the 2.0 and I love it for sourdough loaves! I find I can use the handle to remove the hatch or simply my oven mitt covered hands. Both methods work well. The handle is great for loading and unloading the tray and the loaves bake up beautifully.

    Michelle on
  • I am looking to get the larger size as a gift for my niece who makes wonderful bresds and I think this would be a nice addition to her creations. I am hoping that you get the bigger one soon because I think that is the one that would accommodate what she does. Please let me know and thank you in advance

    Pearl Kaplan on

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