Get Creative With Fourneau Stencils

Get Creative With Fourneau Stencils

Show of hands... how many of you started baking during the pandemic? We know that for so many us, turning on the oven and rolling out some dough briefly transports us away from our worldly problems.  It's a chance to physically make something good. And delicious. 

Here at Fourneau, we love to give bread as gifts and found ourselves inspired to make those gifts extra special. That's why we created these adorable bread stencils. You can get creative with all kinds of combinations of dough and dusting flours and spices (think pomegranate loaf with white rice flour stencil, or basic no-knead loaf with a dust of cacao or sumac). Turn that dissociated creative baking energy into beautiful loaves of bread for yourself or loved ones.

Watch Fourneau's co-founder, Ted, show us how to use these stencils for the best results. 


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