Baking bread on the Grill in the Fourneau Grande

When it's too hot to bake bread indoors, do not despair! Take your Fourneau Grande outside to a gas grill. Fourneau co-founder, Ted Burdett, shows us how to bake bread on the grill. 

Film, sound, titles, and editing by Nick Martin.

Let's get baking!



In this video, we set up our Fourneau Grande on a five-burner propane grill outside. The two side-burners are on at full heat, pre-heating the bread oven to 500-550 degrees. 

Using our favorite No-Knead bread recipe, we flip the dough on to the Fourneau baking tray, score it, and slide it into the Grande bread oven. We like to add a boost of steam right before closing the hatch. 

After 15 minutes, we'll remove the hatch and let the dough brown for another 15-20 minutes, or until desired brownness is achieved. 

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