Fourneau Grande Tray Accessory



Estimated delivery

Mid-September 2020

Pre-order customers, please note the date above is an estimate.

  • Our original estimate for delivery, June 2020, was made in alignment with the estimated delivery for Kickstarter rewards.
  • Covid-19 related factory closures caused us to shift the estimate back one month.
  • The third shipping estimate that we announced was mid-August.
  • We now anticipate shipping pre-orders from Chicago in mid-September.

Our manufacturing partners are working diligently to produce and deliver a quality product, but this is all happening in a somewhat unpredictable climate. Thank you for your patience.

Baking in your Fourneau Grande with additional trays opens up the potential for increased oven throughput. Each Fourneau Grande Cloche (Cloche Kit and Full Kit) comes with a single baking tray. Add accessory trays to your collection to make shuffling multiple loaves quick and easy.

The tray is designed to fit the Fourneau Grande and works with a removable wooden handle. The construction is thin-gauge aluminum for fast heat transfer and effective oven spring. A perforated high-temperature silicone baking mat is included with each tray.

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