Fourneau Bread Oven Grande


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The Fourneau Grande is the latest version of the Fourneau Bread Oven, designed to accommodate boules and batards. The cast iron cloche sits atop a cordierite baking stone and features a cast iron closure with an aluminum handle.

Fourneau baking trays makes loading and moving loaves almost effortless and help you to maximize oven throughput by baking in two stages; spring loaves in the Fourneau and move them on the tray to the open oven for browning.

Fourneau Grande is assembled in the US from Chinese and US-made parts. The Grande is exceptionally light weight for a cast iron cloche.

The iron cloche and closure are coated with a polymerized oil-seasoning. The coating requires occasional re-seasoning but can be repaired and renewed endlessly, yielding a truly long-lasting product.

MSRP: $325

Shipping weight: 26 lbs

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Fourneau 2.0 Available for Order

A new batch of USA-made Fourneau 2.0 ovens is now available for order.

Shipping on Fourneau 2.0 will begin February 1, 2021.

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