Fourneau 2.0 Upgrade Kit


The Fourneau 2.0 upgrade kit allows owners of the Fourneau Classic to upgrade their oven to the Fourneau 2.0. 

The new hatch and bread peel system will work with your existing Fourneau dome and base.

The Fourneau 2.0 upgrade kit consists of the following parts —

Fourneau 2.0 Cast Iron Hatch
- Fourneau Handle (which works with both the hatch and the baking tray)
- Fourneau Plateau Baking Tray
- Silicone Baking Mat

At this time, we are currently offering the Fourneau 2.0 upgrade kit as a pre-order. All orders placed will not be shipped until late October 2017, as we honor our commitment to our Kickstarter backers and fulfill their rewards before taking new orders. Placing a pre-order is like making a reservation; we'll take note of the transaction, but will not charge your card until we are ready to ship.