Fourneau Grilling

The Fourneau Fire Pit Grill

A grilling system for live-fire cooking
The pizza oven attachment, cranking out 2 minute pizzas

Versatile live-fire cooking

The foundation of the Fourneau Fire Pit Grill is a 30" fire dish made from heavy gauge steel. The heart of the system is a 16" grill stand that acts as a fire-building armature as well as a support for the many cooking attachments – grill, griddle, ring grill, rotisserie, skewers, and pizza oven.

The components are modular so you can customize your setup.

Fourneau Fire Pit Grill ring grill
Fourneau Fire Pit Grill cast iron griddle
Fourneau Fire Pit Grill rotisserie

Why hardwood cooking?

Live fire cooking offers unmatched flavor and incredibly dynamic cooking performance. Live fire is the best approach to high-heat cooking techniques like stir-frying and pizza baking.

We designed the Fourneau Fire Pit Grill to make fire building reliable and straightforward. If you're new to cooking with fire, you'll love the features of this system and our educational media.


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