Fourneau Grilling

Introducing the Fourneau Fire Pit Grill – Launching June 28th

A new grilling stand for building fires and cooking over live-fire.

Turn any fire pit into a live-fire grill

The outer frame of the grill contains the fire and provides support for a variety of grilling styles. It supports a grilling grate at two heights for direct, indirect, flame and ember cooking. The Fire Pit Grill can be used with the Fourneau 30" Steel Fire Pit or in your existing fire pit. Place it in a fire ring or use it directly on the ground for beach cookouts or at campsites.


Building a fire in the Fourneau Fire Pit with freshly split oak logs

More than a grill – a fire building tool

The Fire Pit Grill provides structure as you build your fire, making it easy to ignite kindling and grow the fire with split hardwood. The ring at the core of the Fire Pit Grill contains your fire-starter and supports kindling. The ring also acts as a stand around which split wood is leaned. The result is a hot, healthy cooking fire that is easy to light and that builds quickly.

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The Fourneau Fire Pit Grill:

Designed to support the firewood as you build your fire

Portable for cooking at home, the camp site, and the beach

Multiple cooking heights

Heavy gauge steel construction

Made in the USA


Launching June 28th, 2022 on BackerKit.

Early bird deals will be available for a limited time at the start of the campaign!
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