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How is it different?

Sliding a pizza into the oven with a pizza peel or paddle can be a challenge, especially when the oven is super hot! The Fourenau Pizza oven features a unique slide-out pizza stone that simplifys loading and unloading your pizza. It doubles as a mechanism for regulating the temperature of the baking surface so you have more control over your bake.

Because the heat in a wood-fired oven is not uniformly distributed, pizzas need to be rotated to cook evenly. But with limited space and a hot oven, rotating a pizza with a peel or paddle can be challenging. The Fourneau Pizza Oven has a baking surface that rotates making it easier than ever to evenly bake your pizzas.

Easy fire access is key to fire management. The Fourneau Pizza Oven improves access to your fire at the start and while cooking.

A structure in the center of the Fourneau Pizza Oven makes fire-building easy and reliable. And, the removable dome provides ample working room for the initial fire.

While cooking, add fuel to the fire through the large, easy to access opening below the baking surface.

Its a shame when steel firepits and grills rust-though after just a couple of seasons. Steel will always rust, and paints will always fail after enough exposure to the heat of a fire. That's why the Fourneau Pizza Oven is built from extremely heavy steel stock. At 3/16" thick, the Fourneau Pizza Oven is designed to last a lifetime.

While most outdoor cooks have multiple grills, it's nice when one cooking tool can serve many purposes. The Fourneau Pizza Oven actually started as a live-fire grill! But when we started making pizzas with it, the game forever changed.

With a 30" diameter, there is ample room for direct and indirect cooking over wood embers or charcoal.

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