Fourneau Grande Cloche


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The First production run of Fourneau Grande is sold out.

Estimated delivery for pre-orders: Mid-September 2020

Pre-order customers, please note the date above is an estimate.

  • Our original estimate for delivery, June 2020, was made in alignment with the estimated delivery for Kickstarter rewards.
  • Covid-19 related factory closures caused us to shift the estimate back one month.
  • The third shipping estimate that we announced was mid-August.
  • We now anticipate shipping pre-orders from Chicago in mid-September.

Our manufacturing partners are working diligently to produce and deliver a quality product, but this is all happening in a somewhat unpredictable climate. Thank you for your patience. 


Funded on Kickstarter in late 2019, Fourneau Grande is the newest version of the Fourneau Bread Oven. This item includes a cast iron cloche, a cast iron closure with an aluminum handle, and one baking tray and handle.

NOTE: to function properly this cloche needs to be placed on top of a baking stone or baking steel. There is no base is included with this item. To order the cloche kit with a base, please see the Fourneau Grande Full Kit.

The Grande is precision-machined at the front and bottom openings to create the best baking environment for your bread.

The Grande tray works either as a baking tray that can stay in the oven with your loaf or as a bread peel, for those who wish to bake directly on the stone.

A dedicated bread baking tool for home bakers and commercial bakers.

Commercial bakers: get in touch to learn about trade discounts!

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