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Fourneau Bread Oven Grande "Seconds"

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    Sorry, we’ve sold out of our Grande "seconds" batch. We’re working hard to get the next batch of Fourneau Grande Ovens made this summer and shipping in the fall.

    “Seconds” have some enamel chips, blisters, or areas where we’ve ground away an imperfection. They need a little love but they are easy enough to care for and a little oil applied to the blemishes will keep them protected for the long haul.

    Cosmetics aside, these kits bake bread just like our standard kit. Grande “seconds” come with a brand new cordierite stone base, aluminum tray, silicone mat, and stainless steel tray handle. Orders will ship starting 5/17/2021.

    The Fourneau Grande is the latest version of the Fourneau Bread Oven, designed to accommodate boules and batards. The cast iron cloche sits atop a cordierite baking stone and features a cast iron closure with an aluminum handle.

    Fourneau baking trays makes loading and moving loaves almost effortless and help you to maximize oven throughput by baking in two stages; spring loaves in the Fourneau and move them on the tray to the open oven for browning.

    Fourneau Grande is assembled in the US from Chinese and US-made parts. The Grande is exceptionally light weight for a cast iron cloche.

    The iron cloche and closure are coated with a matte black enamel.

    We recommend using an 9" to 11" oval banneton with the Grande oven. Depending on your recipe the oven is best shaped for up to 1000 gram loaves (flour weight).


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