How to Restore Rusted Cast Iron (VIDEO)

How to Restore Rusted Cast Iron (VIDEO)

Hey there! In this video I run through the process of refreshing a rusted piece of cast iron cookware. One of the reasons that seasoned cast iron is such a cool material is its potential for longevity. Unlike a lot of objects we buy, if cast iron is damaged, fixing the damage is something most anyone can do at home.



I'll show you a couple of simple tools for tackling the most common damage, rust. After BUSTING THE RUST the pan gets a light coating of grape seed oil which is solidified in a 450º-500ºF oven. I apply one coat of oil in this video. But as you know, the seasoning on cookware builds up with every use and every post-wash oil application. So, if you're re-seasoning a badly rusted pan or if you removed a lot of the original seasoning in the course of your repair, you will probably want to apply several coats of oil before the pan goes back into service.

As always, when you're handling hot objects, be careful! Make sure that your hot pads or oven mitts are up the task and be certain that nobody is running around the kitchen while hot iron is being moved about.

With care, cast iron can last generations and if your iron does rust, don't fret, you can easily fix it on your own at home!

Interested in the skillet featured in this video? Cool! here is the link to buy it!

Film, sound, titles, and editing by Nick Martin

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